Vampire's Edge Set Mm2

Vampire's Edge Set Mm2. Been going strong since 2017! It is now unobtainable as the event has since ended.

Murder Mystery 2 (MM2) Full Godly Set Including Ancient and Vintage from

1x vampire gun, 1x vampire knife. I hope this video helps your decision on. Subreddit for all trades on mm2.

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The blue vampire's edge has the. Not to be confused with vampire knife (2018), a knife from the halloween event 2018. Today i review the vampire pack in mm2 and i also review part 1 of the new halloween update on mm2!

Vampire's Edge Is A Godly Knife That Was Originally Obtainable By Purchasing The Vampire Item Pack For 1,699 Robux During The 2020 Halloween Event.

Toxic set increased to 1,460. Vampire is an effect that was originally obtainable by purchasing the vampire item pack for 1,699 robux during the 2020 halloween event. Toxic set £ 12.27 £ 11.04 aurora set £ 9.20 £ 8.32

Been Going Strong Since 2017!

Made without bias, by the top clans in mm2, for you all. Murder mystery 2's official value list. Here is the ultimate mm2 value list that will help you get a quick reference before heading to make a trading in murder mystery 2.

Over 1.4 Million Monthly Users Trust Mm2Values!

Promo khusus pengguna baru di aplikasi tokopedia! Been going strong since 2017! Been going strong since 2017!

The Vampire's Edge Does Slightly More Damage Than The Regular Version;

Do you think it was a fair trade? The gold vampire's edge has the same design as vampire's. Over 1.4 million monthly users trust mm2values!

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