Kuva Bramma Build

Kuva Bramma Build. You’ve modded for magnetic while replicating a viral. Set mod vigilante (bonus buff enhance crit chan.

This is my kuva bramma build currently. Some wierd quirks I've noticed from www.reddit.com

Kuva weapons aren't exactly weapons you get from the tutorial, they aren't the 1st weapons you're making. When i look at the kuva bramma i always wonder how many enemies i can affect at once and how badly i can affect. I had to make this video for videos coming out later.

Yeah, The Bramma Absolutely Slaughters But Viral/Bleed Is The Best Build For It Across All Levels.

Just make sure to level up your lower level mods and you’ll be fine. Personally idk if bramma would benefit from status. By marvinmarciano — last updated 13 days ago (patch 31.7) 15 3 137,330.

Change Your Bramma To Toxin.

Hope you enjoy let me know what build you guys use in the comments below!join the discord you platinum :htt. You want infinite red crits on bramma with any frame, any loadout?one small trick to change everything.i'm actually surprised more people don't know this.0:0. You have 3 slots so just copy that build in each slot with each faction mod and you are.

Low Quiver Capacity, Arrows Are Recovered.

You don’t need the same damage multiplier mods like serration and heavy caliber. What elements can you make or what combination can you make. It may have a slower fire rate but it doesn't have the magazine to reload.

Recommended To Use With [ Mirage] Due To The Synergy She Has.

Build isn't bad but u/jedigarrick12 i would suggest dropping infected clip for faction mod vs the faction. Set mod vigilante (bonus buff enhance crit chan. This is the build i use on either one, adjusting the last mod based on.

Rad Or Toxin Which Do You Prefer?Who Woulda Thought Another 100%+ Multishot Just Pushes It Even Further!

I prefer the former due to. By 808dion — last updated a year ago (patch 30.7) 15 1 23,870. You can slot galvanized scope/argon scope too if you want, the bramma belongs to that nice list of aoe weapons that.

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