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Best Confessor Build. That direction for confessor is a hybrid build of faith and either dex/strength. Read on to learn more about the confessor class including its starting equipment, base stats, tips on how to play as confessor, and the best stats to level up!

Crowfall Best Confessor Build (Tips, Gear, & Strategies) from

The best elden ring builds will ensure that whatever weapon you choose to stick with,. A starting class does not limit what a character in elden ring can become. More questions from this game.

A Starting Class Does Not Limit What A Character In Elden Ring Can Become.

Confessor’s great stat spread makes it one of the most versatile starting classes to build in elden ring. If you are new to. Elden ring best faith confessor build guide:

It’s The Toughest Starting Class To Build For As.

What gs scales better for a strength build? Still, the confessor offers a great balance of melee fighting and divine spells no matter at what level. The best builds and promotions for the confessor class in crowfall.

What I'd Do Is Put Points Into Health And Stamina Until You Find A Weapon Or Spells That You Want To Use, And Then.

Sword of night and flame. I have been having so much fun with this playstyle and i hope this video helps you out. They're complete enough that the actual arena and.

The Confessor Character’s Main Stat Is Faith, The Soul Level Is 10, The Mind Of 13, And The Strength Of 12.

Our final recommendation for weapons in this elden ring confessor build is the sword of night and flame. Our elden ring confessor build makes use of the strong starting stats that the class comes with, allowing it to specialise in a series of directions much better than many. Siluria's tree, golden halberd, staff of the avatar,.

Yooo Guize, Today We Go Over My Holy Reaper Faith Build!

So, basically how this works is you can use the faith. Confessor is the easiest class to build in elden ring. Confessors focus on both combat and holy magic in elden ring.

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